Company Inquiries

General Company Information:


Vavra's Made In Italy, Vavra's Menswear ( is a privately owned company.

We are headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada USA

Vavra's LLC
2620 Regatta Drive Suite 102 Las Vegas, NV 89128, USA

Telephone:                 (702) 632-1200

Email:                       sales at


Vendors Wanting to Sell Their Products Inquires:

Vendors or manufacturers wanting to sell their merchandise can contact us with the specifics of their product.  We will look at your product and determine if it is right for our customer.  You can email us at or call us at (702) 632-1200. 

Customer Corporate Gifts Inquires:

We are always glad to assist in corporate gifts or bulk clothing purchases for corporations or weddings.  Please contact us at or by call us at  (702) 632-1200.

Large Suiting/Tuxedo for Weddings or Events: 

We welcome large purchases for special events that need special attention. We also offer discounts, so please contact us by calling (702) 632.1200.